Egyptian Paste (aka Faience)

Experimenting in all facets of Egyptian paste, mixing clay, construction techniques, firing solutions, and finishing ie. cold working is in the scope of our discussion. Perhaps we will have time to get around to some practical uses of Egyptian paste, but mostly research into what works will with this media and what does not.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Firing Egyptian paste cone 04, 1940°F/1060°C

Opening a kiln is a kin to payday. Open that envelope, there in find exactly what you've work for. Every now and then it's short or there's a bonus, either way you find yourself investigating why. It's kind of nice when firings go as planned.

Looking so generic going in, then turning brilliant coming out, it always surprises. It's the same as glaze firing, but you skipped one step (actually 2 steps, the bisque and the glaze application).
Firing hotter just to see what would change is a bit of a let down. The differences in color were only slight, possibly nonexistent.

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